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الثلاثاء، 22 ديسمبر 2015

CL3VER 3.3

تطبيق لرؤية الموديل  Revit, Sketchup, Max and Rhino ,بطريقة ريندر عاليه  و تعدل فيه بطريقة سهله INTERACTIVE 

يعم على الويندوز و الابل و التابلت

Autodesk App Store.

CL3VER website.

Maintaining the visual quality on mobile browsers has proven to be a challenge…until today.

From now on, experiencing CL3VER presentations on mobile devices with retina displays is seriously enhanced. The CL3VER viewer is now optimized to work natively on iOS devices with retina display (iPad Air or superior) or Android devices using a Mobile browser that supports WebGL.

This means that CL3VER users can provide spectacular 3D presentations on both Web and Mobile maintaining the same visual standards directly from the browsers.

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