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الاثنين، 8 فبراير 2016

UK Tekla Awards 2016 open for entries

مسابقة تكلا

و تتكون من 7 اقسام

Commercial projects

Public projects

Industrial projects

A building that is used for commercial use, for example office buildings, residential complex, hotels, retail outlets, client utility buildings. Civic buildings that are used by the general public, for example healthcare facilities, educational facilities, airports, government buildings, and research centres. Buildings that are serving industry such as factories, power plants, drilling rigs, warehouses and distribution centres.

Infrastructure projects

Small projects

Sports and recreation projects

Non occupied structures such as bridges and tunnels. Structures not restricted by building type that are novel, quirky, innovative or complex. The design and construction of buildings serving sport or recreational, such as stadiums, sports track, sports centre or other sport related.

Student projects

Any student project work, not restricted by building type, and created using Tekla Campus as part of any form of education. Open to apprentices, placement students, or university students. To submit your entry, click here

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