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الأربعاء، 6 أبريل 2016

navisworks batch utility

اداة مفيدة داخل النافيسوركس لتكرار عمليات مثل تحويل عدد من املفات الى ملف nwd

You can use the Batch Utility to run and schedule the following commands:

  • Create a list of all design files in the currently open Autodesk Navisworks file.
  • Append multiple design files into a single NWD or an NWF file.
  • Convert multiple design files into individual NWD files.
Attention: You can use any of the currently supported file formats when you append or convert files with the Batch Utility. However, if you use any published NWD files as input, they must have been created with the May Be Resaved option selected, otherwise when you run the Batch Utility, no NWD output files can be saved. It is still possible to create an NWF output file.

All events can be recorded in a log file.

last navisworks 23x you can download from here



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