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الأربعاء، 15 يونيو 2016

Mechanical Productivity Pack

ادوات قوية ل Mechanical Productivity Pack

اكثر من 500 فاميلي , view template جاهز

Plumbing group screenshot

CTC Express Tools website.


  • Views include Project Set Up, Working, Construction Documentation, Coordination/Analysis
  • 50 View Templates for all view types, including schedules and 100 predefined View Filters
  • Workset filter that shows when elements are mistakenly placed on the wrong workset
  • 43 unique duct and pipe systems with 20 improved and additional duct and pipe types

Plumbing Assemblies

  • Grouped Families providing a significant reduction in modeling time for plumbing layouts
  • Extensive library of common configurations
  • Plumbing Fixtures are fully customizable and have been set up to match actual installation
  • Vent flow propagation & Fixture Unit calculation

Comprehensive Family Content

  • Over 500 Mechanical Families based on manufacturer specific content
  • Updated out of box content
  • All family content is fully integrated with extensive schedules & tags

Flow Propagation

  • Cross system connections for Sanitary Sewer & Vent systems
  • Family content created to propagate CFH in gas piping systems, area in storm piping systems, airflow in airside systems, waterflow in hydronic systems and fixture units in sewer, vent and domestic water systems
  • Cohesive and consistent flow propagation now available across the entire M&P platform

Schedules & Details

  • Over 130 unique schedules that share consistent formatting and shared parameters
  • Design, Assist and Coordination schedules such as: Gas Load Summary, Motor Coordination, ASHRAE 62.1 Ventilation Calculations and Space Airflow

  • Master schedule for easy creation of additional unique equipment or fixture schedules
  • Complete Excel listing of all schedules and all shared parameters
  • Over 225 mechanical details with all Revit linework and annotations

Shared Parameters

  • Over 1450 shared parameters all following Autodesk recommended naming conventions and proper data types
  • Includes Autodesk Seek industry standard shared parameters

User Manual

CTC BIM Project Suite

  • Take advantage of CTC’’s full suite of tools for end users

  • Includes Parameter Jammer to help end users schedule downloaded content

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