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الجمعة، 3 أكتوبر 2014

الامتداد DSTV-NC خاص بمكن CNC structural steel,

CMS STANDARD يفحص و يتأكد من مطابقة المصمم للكود  و يسهل عليك اجراء عمليات متعددة على اكثر من عنصر

CMS Feature Summary

  • Dynamic file creation – see the file develop on the fly

  • Create templates for hole and slot arrangements, as well as common cuts.

  • Flexible tools for creating and editing weld preparation

  • Query tool for sorting files for any combination of steel parts and operations

  • 2D or 3D graphical interface for nimble manipulation

  • Metric or Imperial units

  • Conversion / production of DXF files

  • Conversion of DXF files to DSTV (layer defined)

  • Maximize your ROI with CMS Training

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