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الأربعاء، 1 أكتوبر 2014

Export revit to ArchiCAD

اداه مجانية و حره المصدر  IFC Exporter for Revit Icon

التصدير من الريفيت الى الارشيكاد

Autodesk®’s IFC 2015 import-export app for Revit.

IFC version:

<li>IFC 2x3 Coordination View 2.0</li>
<li>IFC 2x3 Coordination View</li>
<li>IFC 2x2 Coordination View</li>
<li>IFC 2x3 GSA Concept Design BIM 2010 – This is a variant of the standard IFC 2x3 used for submitting files to the US Government Services Administration. Additional property sets will be included.</li>
<li>IFC 2x2 Singapore BCA e-Plan Check - This is a certified variant of IFC 2x2 used for submitting files to the Singapore BCA e-Plan Check Server. When exporting to this file type, you should make sure that all room-bounding elements are selected.</li>
<li>IFC 4 Basic Coordination View 2.0 - This is the IFC4 equivalent of the IFC2x3 Coordination View 2.0 MVD. Note that there are still no official IFC 4 MVDs, so this should be considered a beta file format. Note also that our IFC toolkit does not support IFC4 ifcXML files, and that UR1 is needed to correct a bug in the toolkit that prevents IFC4 output from standard Revit 2014.</li>

File Type: The file format

<li>IFC XML</li>
<li>Zipped IFC</li>
<li>Zipped IFC XML</li>

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