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الثلاثاء، 2 يونيو 2015

Vabi Spatial Requirements Assistant

The Spatial Requirements Assistant™ App:

  • Scans the BIM model and reports compliance of the current design iteration against all the functional requirements
  • Creates various Functional Performance Indicators in the Vabi BIM Performance Dashboard App
  • Synchronizes with Autodesk® Revit® units of measurement to calculate floor areas
  • Accepts various functional requirement inputs based on Revit room occupancy types and user defined rulesets for custom requirements
    such as occupancy types, room and other space sizes, toilets, circulation areas, parking spaces, etc. and Building Code rulesets such as minimum access widths, circulation space requirements, and the number of toilets or parking spaces.

اداة لفحص نموذج الbim  لتحقيق المتطلبات 
ياخذ الريفيت مستوي اعلي من اجل دعم اتخاذ القرار 

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  1. .Hi Omar! I am Victoria and I work at Vabi Software International
    .We would love to hear your feedback on our apps
    ?Have you used them
    ?Do you have any thoughts you would like to share with us

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    As a BIM manager, your ideas and thoughts are top priority for us and we would very much appreciate your review

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