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الخميس، 21 مايو 2015

Convert DWG to RVT Lines

This macro converts linked and imported CAD files to Revit lines. To run the macro, load macro RVT file then make a view active in the file containing the CAD file you want to convert. Go to Manage > Macro Manager. Select the "Convert DWG to Detail Lines" or "Convert DWG to Model Lines" macro. The macro will prompt you to select  a linked or imported CAD file. The link or import can be in any type of view. Below is a screenshot of an AutoCAD roof detail that's been linked into a Revit drafting view.

تحويل خطوط الاتوكاد الي خطوط ريفيت 
لتحميل المايكرو Manage > Macro Manager

convert dwg to Revit - macro running

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