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الخميس، 21 مايو 2015

Stairs Builder

Stairs Builder is an application based on Autodesk® Revit®. It provides powerful capabilities and friendly features for stairs creation with following characteristics: 

  • Fourteen kinds of the most common stairs are supported.
  • Stairs can be created across more than one level. 
  • Levels with different intervals are supported for stairs creation with Stairs Builder. 
  • Landings and Openings can be created automatically. 
  • Stairs type and Railing type can be specified before stairs will be created. 
  • Flexible ways to locate the stairs to be created. 

اداة لبناء السلالم في الريفيت بسهولة بها اربعه عشر نوعا شائعا 
و يمكن بناء السلم على اكثر من مستوي 
يمكن تحديد نوع السلم و السور قبل بناء السلم 

Autodesk Exchange Apps website.

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