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الأربعاء، 6 مايو 2015


The very face of Qatar will change over the next decade as work on the country’s various mega projects is undertaken and completed, while further advancements will be made as the vision for 2030 is realized. The nature and size of the projects means that Qatar has turned to Building Information Modelling (BIM) to facilitate its ambitious building schedule.
 مؤتمر  FUTURE BIM IMPLEMENTATION QATAR تشرفت بحضوره و استفدت منه , ان شاء الله اذكر اهم النقاط في المدونة مستقبلا عاجلا 
هذه المؤتمرات مهمه لمعرفة اين نحن و ما هي الخطوات القادمة 
تشرفت بالاستماع الي Allen Jay Holland  و Mohamad Kassem و كل المتحدثين الافاضل 

Robert Grys

BIM Implementation Manager, Hochtief ViCon Qatar

Robert Grys is the BIM Implementation Manager of HOCHTIEF ViCon, a leading service provider and consultant for virtual construction and BIM with offices in Germany, Qatar, UK and India.
After graduating in civil engineering, Robert started his career as a scientific assistant at the Ruhr-University of Bochum (Germany), where he was in-volved in early BIM-research projects. He joined ViCon in 2007 as a Project Manager, where he has been one of the initial developers of ViCon's BIM training and certification system and has been involved in the creation of BIM guidelines and contract conditions. In 2009 ViCon founded a subsidiary in Qatar where Robert took on the responsibility as BIM Implementation Manager. He implemented and managed BIM on several international big scale projects and is one of the main contributors of the Qatar BIM User Day conference series in collaboration with Qatar University.

with Allen Jay Holland 

Senior Architect and BIM Manager, KEO International Consultants

Allen Jay Holland is a Revit Architecture implementation expert and lifelong aficionado of architectural technology, with more than twenty-five years in 3D architectural modeling and BIM. He is a former California licensed architect with significant experience with a variety of building types and projects who has mentored the transition to BIM for several firms.
Jay managed BIM for the Al Wakrah FIFA 2022 World Cup Stadium, and is now BIM Manager of Architectural and Engineering Services at KEO International Consultants.
Jay was an organizer of the South Coast Revit Users Group in California, and is the Chairman of the newly formed Doha BIM Users Group.

Mohamad Kassem

Associate Professor, Teesside University

Dr. Mohamad Kassem is an Associate Professor in Engineering Project Management at Teesside University (UK) and expert in Building Information Modelling (BIM) in the Design, Construction and Operation (DCO) industry at different scales ranging from organisation to supply chain and market-wide scale. In 2014, as the EU BIM consultant to the Brazilian Government, Dr. Kassem developed a BIM policy report for the Ministry of Development, Industry and Foreign Trade (MDIC) and the Ministry of Planning, Budget and Management (MPOG) for the implementation of BIM national initiatives in Brazil. Over the last seven years, Dr. Kassem has done extensive research and published tens of articles on BIM processes and technologies. As part of a team at the Centre of Construction Innovation and Research (CCIR), they hold several research and enterprise grants from British and international funding bodies. He is a Co-Principal Investigator on a NPRP BIM research project (2014-2018) funded by the Qatar Foundation ($ 940,000) and the supervisor on five Knowledge Transfer Partnerships ($ 930,000) funded by UK Innovate

Hamoda Youssef

Research Specialist, Qatar Green Building Council

As a research specialist and sustainability consultant at the Qatar Green Building Council, Hamoda coordinate sustainability integration efforts for a variety of projects, sustainability oriented initiatives, programs, and building codes As a LEED Faculty, he facilitates sustainability trainings, provides sustainability assessment and consulting.
Prior to joining QGBC, Hamoda worked at Green building services as a senior sustainability consultant and he managed a site wide LEED consultancy services for a mixed-use development in Doha, Qatar. Hamoda managed all aspects of LEED projects from kick-off to closeout, assigning team responsibilities and making sure all documentation is complete and uploaded to LEED Online for the highest level of LEED certification possible within a project’s budget, timeline, and site constraints.
Previously, Hamoda worked on international consultancy offices in Egypt, along with working on environmental urban development projects in Italy & USA. Hamoda studied architecture, earning a masters degree in environmental planning from Italy that allowed him to focus on sustainability issues within the context of urban development.
In addition to his work as a consultant, Hamoda assists in the development of presentations & trainings for industry professionals and clients, covering topics from green building planning & design strategies to understanding sustainability.

mohamed mohsen
bim manager in ecg

المهندس Osama A.Shawky.

المهندس محمد اليماني كبير البيم بكيميت و الشرق الاوسط و اول واحد سمعت شرح له في الاتوكاد ميب و البيم تقريبا عام 2006
المهندس تامر صالحين  استاذي و كان ال bim manager بالديار لما كنت اعمل هناك 

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