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الجمعة، 22 مايو 2015

revit faster

نكمل مع بعض افكار تسرع الريفيت 

اشتري معالج Multi-core  لان هناك بعض الخصائص في الريفيت اصبحت تدعم Multi-core  مثل
  • Progressive display – new in 2016 – used by all models all the time
  • Vector + Raster Printing
  • 2D Vector Export such as DWG and DWF
  • Mental Ray Rendering
  • Wall Join representation and update in plan and section views
  • Loading elements into memory, reducing view open times when elements are displayed for the first time in a session.
  • Parallel computation of silhouette edges such as outlines of a curved surfaces, used to accelerate navigation of perspective views.
  • Translation of high level graphical representation of model elements and annotations into display lists optimized for graphics cards, engaged when opening views or changing view properties.
  • File Open and Save
  • Point Cloud Data Display

قم بتنصيب DirectX 11  يسرع الريفيت 30% 

اعمل على اخر اصدار دائما فهناك تحسينات في الاداء 


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