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الأحد، 19 يوليو 2015

3D Hologram Creator

تصدير المجسم في الريفيت الي Hologram 
The Zebra Imaging 3D Hologram Creator extends Autodesk® Revit® native file export capabilities to include OBJ files. The 3D Hologram Creator will export all selected geometry in a 3D view along with any materials used in the scene. This application will allow all Revit users to easily create a visually stunning 3-D holographic print to showcase your design in the best possible light. Gone are the days of expensive, fragile, and bulky solid models that take weeks to produce. With this app you can export your design, prepare your hologram in ZScape Preview and send the project to Zebra Imaging all in a single afternoon. The hologram will then be imaged at the Austin, Texas print center and shipped to you anywhere in the world. Most projects are completed within 5-7 business days of receiving the order.
Zscape Preview is a free download available at

Online support documentation for this and all of the Zebra Imaging family of products is available here:

Any other questions? Visit us at or contact our knowledgeable team of specialists at

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