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السبت، 18 يوليو 2015

The Autodesk Raytracer (ART)

تقنية مجانية من اوتوديسك لعمل ريندر على الماكس و الاتوكاد و الماكس و النافيسوركس على الجهاز او عبر السحابات الالكترونية 

The Autodesk Raytracer (ART) is a free* plug-in for 3ds Max that provides easy-to-use physically-based rendering.  Physically-based rendering is a technique that attempt to simulate reality using principles of physics to model the interaction of surfaces and light.  For that reason, the results require less adjustment and fewer parameter settings to get good results.  This technology is already available in other Autodesk applications including Revit, AutoCAD, Navisworks, and Showcase.
ART for 3ds Max runs locally on your computer but also has an option for sending rendering jobs to the cloud. Instead of tying up your machine for hours or days, your rendering will be completed by many machines working together, getting the job done faster than ever before. You can also send multiple renderings to be processed in parallel, leaving your machine free.  And unlike A360 Rendering (introduced in 3dsMax 2016), ART lets you render animations in the cloud as well as single images.

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