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الأحد، 22 يونيو 2014

Advanced Road Design V14

البرنامج رائع لمهندسي الشبكات يقوم ب

  • Road Design

  • Drainage Design

  • Pipe Design

  • Sewer Design

  • Highway design

  • Rural road design

  • Dam construction

  • Subdivision design

  • Drainage channels

  • Building pads

  • Artificial lakes

  • Open cut mines

  • Airport runway design

  • Urban road reconstruction

  • Conveyor route design

  • Velodrome design


البرنامج add-in  يعمل على  autocad -map3d -civil 3d  - BricsCAD

لاضافة مزايا و خصائص رهيبة





Advanced Road Design

Advanced Road Design is a comprehensive Civil Design package for land development, road, highway, road reconstruction, and pipe design. Generate outputs including cross sections, long sections, tables and reports directly into your drawing environment.

Stringer Survey

Stringer provides a comprehensive survey solution.  Stringer reduces your field data, manages COGO points and surfaces and automates the surface breakline creation process.  Stringer makes editing points and breklines simple and straightforward.

Site leveller for AutoCAD Civil 3D

Site Leveller provides a comprehensive set of site regrading tools for the irrigation industry.  Site Leveller gives you full control over the grading and level of your bays as well as optimising the design for volumes accounting for topsoil removal and reinstatement.

Stringer Connect

Stringer Connect reads raw field survey observation files from your survey equipment and processes co-ordinated points to file, including a raft of survey observation editing tools.


Free Applications

Section Maker

Section Maker is a free application that creates best fit sample lines through Civil 3D points, with options to create adjusted points to align with the sample lines and create an adjusted surface.

Alignment Zoom

Alignment Zoom is a free application that navigates you to alignments at select chainages (stations).

Lot Utilities

Lot Utilities provides enhances the Civil 3D parcel functionality with automated labelling styles based on line/arc lengths, corner angle labelling and creation of lot area tables for developer plans.


Feature Line Grader

Feature Line Grader is a free application that automates applying planar grades to feature lines: quickly and easily set levels on any feature using a start point and elevation, setting a grade and a grade direction.


 شكرا للمهندس Ali Fathy Abbady


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