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الخميس، 6 أغسطس 2015

HTSS Cut Through Basic

برنامج يستخدم لعمل الفاحات في الحوائط من اجل مرور الصاج و المواسير

This software tool is an Add-in for Autodesk® Revit®. The purpose of this tool is to cut holes in host elements like Wall, Floor and Ceilings where they interfere with the MEP Elements like Duct, Pipe, Cable Trays and Conduits.

This is the Trial edition of this App. To get the full edition of this App, please contact the publisher.

Please check this video to better understand this tool.

Important Features of this Add-in:

  • The interferences between the Host elements and the MEP elements are displayed in a user-friendly screen.
  • The cut holes created for the MEP elements which are closer to each other, can be merged to form one single cut hole.
  • The automatic 3D sectioning is possible to view the selected elements.
  • Detailed log messages at the end of each cut process can be saved in a text format.
  • Easy and efficient ways available to create cut holes in the linked Revit projects.
  • Provisions are available to provide clearance value to each cut hole.
  • The clearance values can be modified after inserting cuts.
  • Both the rectangular and circular holes can be created based on the user’s need.


Limitations in the Basic (Trial) Edition:

  • Only 20 Cut Holes can be merged in one execution.
  • The Link Projects will not be taken in to account.
  • Last Log Report can only be viewed 20 times per Revit session.


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